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About Us

We know what it’s like to live in a rural community. Women in Rural is a network focused platform providing other women in rural communities with education and connection. Whether you are a marketer, real estate agent, contractor, or brewer.

Almost 60 million people (19% of the entire US population) live in rural communities according to the 2010 census. For the average American, rural is an abstract concept of rolling hills and farmland rather than a concrete definition. Thus, it can be a difficult task trying to define the term “rural” and an even harder task trying to explain it.

For those of us that live in rural America, we know all too well what that is like, and it generally isn’t just rolling hills and farmland. We’re communities made of mountain towns, flatlands, lakesides, and farms; living in a rural community has its own distinct challenges and advantages.

That’s why Women in Rural is here, connecting badass women doing extraordinary things in the most unordinary places.

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