How to Write a Kickass Bio

September, 26th, 2018 at 3:03 am

“Insert Bio Here”

Some of the most daunting words you can hear.

First impressions count, whether it’s in the form of a firm handshake or how you dress for an interview, and even online. Your professional bio is one of the most crucial marketing tools you have, it’s a way to brand and introduce yourself through a variety of channels. It’s the first thing people read to get a good understanding of who you are and what you do.

The question is, how do you start one?

Creating a short professional bio is gaining in popularity as the digital age grows and people’s attention spans shrink (are you drifting yet?). A short bio can also be used in a multitude of ways, from Twitter to LinkedIn, applications, personal website, and your Women in Rural profile – the versatility of a short bio, which doesn’t have a specific word count, is why we recommend creating and using one.

How to Write a Bio

We’ve gathered a few steps and tricks to help you get started as well as a template you can access through the Women in Rural’s resource page. The steps below serve as a framework, a foundation if you will, and you can tailor these to match your personal style.

Step 1: Inspiration

Take a few minutes to answer a few questions about the point and purpose of your bio.

  • Who will read your bio? This depends on how it will be used. Are you creating a bio for your online presence with Women in Rural, LinkedIn, personal website, or Twitter? Are you creating a new business and need to identify yourself in the marketplace? Generally speaking if you have more than one audience, write a bio for each.
  • On a need to know basis. What does your audience need to know? Education, experience and background highlights are a good focus point. You might also want to jot down a few unique items that add touches of your personality.
  • What do you want them to know? This goes back to your target audience, what do you want from them? When they are done reading your bio, what are you hoping the end result will be?

Step 2: Who the Heck Are You?

Start with your name. Introduce yourself and your business or occupation; this is your initial handshake. This will get the readers attention and prompt them to continue reading – or give them the chance to stop reading in case you’re not what they’re after.

You can also consider adding a value proposition statement to your first line, replacing your occupation, and instead talk about what problems you solve for your target market and why people should choose you in one way or the other.

Step 3: What Makes You – You.

Are you real, or are you a robot? This is the section where you get to add some personal interest and other details about yourself to make your audience connect with you.

Here you can mention things like hobbies, stories, and other personal tidbits that show your personality. You can choose to be as bold as you’d like, but pay attention to who and what your target audience and goals are  – avoid sounding too cynical of yourself, as it may come off as fake.

Step 4: Call to Action

End with your contact information and a simple call to action asking people to get in touch with you. Phone numbers are totally optional, but email is a must. Feel free to replace your phone number with a link to your website.

Quick Tips

Now that you know the steps to writing a bio – here are a few tips to make this as painless as possible and still a bio you can use across all your media channels.

  • Be Real you’re not bragging. Just write about who you are and what you can do.


  • Actions Speak Louder than Words Use action verbs and always include quantifiable or specific accomplishments when possible. Instead of claiming you’re a genius developer, write about the groundbreaking programs you created.


  • Think Movie Trailer Movie trailers only show the exciting and intriguing scenes of a movie, right? The same goes for a professional bio, especially the short and micro formats. You may have tons of accomplishments in different areas of your career or business, so it’s important to pick the ones that will make your readers “ooh” as they read it.


  • Don’t Be Afraid of Being Kickass in case we haven’t said it already, you’re not bragging.

Write and Revise

Now that you have your bio, don’t let it sit on a shelf and wait – read through and revise as needed, especially when you have a major event like a career change.

You’re on your way to writing a kickass bio, go get em!


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