Drew Isham

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Drew Isham

Company Name: MassMutual, Self Employed

Industry: Agriculture/Ranching | Cyber Security |

Homesteading in 1886, I come from a very long line of passionate ranching. As an absentee manager since 2009, I run approximately 100 head of Black Angus in the Nebraska Panhandle. The market is not always your friend and rarely do you get along with Mother Nature but it’s in our blood, it’s what we do. I am proud to say that I, now too, am a rancher.

While ranching has been a major part of my life since day one I also have the drive for more. After graduating with a bachelors from the University of Colorado – Boulder, I found myself in Texas working for Fossil, a watch and accessory conglomerate. While at the corporate headquarters, I was in their e-conmerce and customer service department where I found success by assisting customers in a courteous and professional manner while handling customer care issues, placing orders, tracking deliveries and responding to billing inquires while striving for a one call resolution.

During a networking event in Dallas I met a woman in private aviation who found my experience with customer service and personal travel (over 30 countries at the time) an appealing combination. I was offered a position in her company, Jet Link. A small family owned brokerage for private jet charters, committed to providing an unparalleled luxury flight experience. I was brought on to modernize the business practices especially in marketing, business development, and human resources. I exceeded expectations and quickly became second in charge behind founder/CEO.

After four years in Texas, I thought it was about time I returned to the mountains. The plan was to work for the mountain and ride out the remaining six weeks of the 2017 ski season while applying for work on the Front Range. It was then that a recruiter came across my resume and pointed me in the direction of Cyber Security with MassMutual. Having little to no experience in the field I was sceptic to the thought but went through the motions all the same. Now I am happily living where others vacation while having a fulfilling career with MassMutual. I was trained by one of the best in Employee Resilience and get to work with wonderful colleagues from the comfort of my home with a mountain view.