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My name is Abbey Leigh Samuelson, I’m lead designer and founder of RMDH & CO, a design house offering goods and services that minimize the harmful impacts our consumer products have on the environment. I’m a fashion designer, master seamstress, and innovative textile expert with a B.S. in Apparel Design & Textile Science, and over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. RMDH & CO is dedicated to preventing and decreasing textile waste by repairing, reforming and reinventing consumer goods. Our on-site design studio and co-creative classroom provides an interactive experience for consumers to evaluate their impact from both ends of the purchasing process. Year to date, we’ve saved over 1,000 garments from the landfills to date in our gear repair and alterations department. We’re in the process of designing ethical capsule collections from hemp fabrications with transparent manufacturing and branding guidelines to encourage our conscious consumerism concepts. Our services also include mindful event planning, community recreation programs for adults and youth, and our popular creative.labs designed to create community around art. Our concept store is RMDH & CO facility is located off main street in downtown Winter Park, CO, stop in to visit and check our event calendar to how you can get involved.

When I’m not sewing I’m with my adorable pup, Super Dyson, if not my husband, Ehren, plotting or adventuring. I was born and raised in southern Louisiana and gladly merged into the mountain lifestyle almost ten years ago. I like stillness as much as I like movement, from skiing to rafting, meditating to dancing, they’re all super enjoyable to me. Adventure travels are a high priority, never afraid to try something new. I’ve rafted the Nile, studied silence in Thailand and driven a motorcycle through the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam. I’ll never stop learning new things, I’m a doula, Healing Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Horsemanship Trainer and NOLS WFR. I’ve got a thing for cult classics, court room dramas, Grey’s Anatomy and The Profit. I really don’t listen to main stream music, I’m always grooving to something new…spectrum of disco, drum beats and meditation music. I don’t read much but listen to ton’s of audible and pod casts, if I’m not streaming something interesting while sewing. Oh and I own about 200 potted plants, I’d say I am a founding member of the plant lady movement, expect an oasis in RMDH. I’ve always had an unordinary knack to take things apart and put them back together again when I started sewing at 7 years old. My ability allowed me to practice my skills and apply them early on before my college years…my talent continued to progress after leaving my design career in Hollywood to move to the Rockies. I’ve shared my innovative textile up cycling techniques to over 200 woman of Uganda and offered a few speeches on behalf of our conscious consumerism movement.

I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart and enjoy the challenge of designing a creative lifestyle business dedicated to shifting consumer mindsets. I think it’s possible to keep you and the planet beautiful.

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