Kayla Graves

Kayla Graves

Company Name: Foxtails Photography

Industry: Photography |

Hi there!

I’m Oklahoma born but moved to the glorious Big Horns 1o years ago( minus a 1 year sabbatical to travel and pursue professional development). I returned here a year ago to settle back down and dive head first into full-time photography. In addition to my photography I also work full time at a small animal practice as an RVT. My daughter and I have been on our own since the get go and I have worked hard to show that the “ single mom” stereotype does not fit many mothers. Through working hard and volunteering I am building my business and helping to shape a better community. For 2019, I am Individual Development on the board of the local Jaycees chapter. My goal for the Jaycees this year is to bring better professional development and networking to our community.

Enneagram type ONE
Myers Briggs ENTJ/INTJ

Resources I can provide: Photography, Young Professionals Development, Community Fundraising

Resources I am looking for: Professional Development, Networking, Mentors, Help with social media, geez it’s hard to keep up!

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