Have You Abandoned the New Year New You Ritual Yet?

February, 7th, 2019 at 3:10 pm

The Trials and Tribulations of Holding a Resolution 

When is the last time you honestly finished out a New Year’s resolution? Especially one that started with a bold move like “will work out everyday” or “will not drink,” come on, be honest, when’s the last time?

The first of the year is where much of the population sets unrealistic expectations for themselves, and generally involves something to do with health, finances, and overall just being a better stronger version of yourself than what you were the year before.

We should always look for areas in which we can improve and work on becoming the best versions of ourselves, but why do we do it once a year and with such lofty expectations for ourselves? Expectations that we generally can’t meet and the inevitable ‘I’m a failure’ monster sets into the depths of our minds. Creating resolutions and goals should be part of what we do regularly.

Flash forward to now, February, are you still focused on your resolution? Or have you abandoned it entirely? Or did you decide January was a damn joke and you’ll start now?

Whatever it is, there is an easier way to accomplish your goals and resolutions. Part of the reason it’s so easy to abandon them is because they are generally a very large, pretty intimidating, goal that is completely unattainable in the ‘instant gratification’ world we live in.

Take it in bites

Set that big goal, make it huge, and then break it down. What can you do in 30 days that is a reasonable expectation for yourself? Then 60 days, then 90.

One big rule of thumb that we live by is to never set a goal that we can’t reach in 90 days.

Here’s an example

My personal goal for 2019 is to be more financially aware, plan budgets, stick to them, and know that I’m meeting my financial goals. If I come right out of the gate on January 1st saying that my goal is to have all of that in place then I will completely and utterly fail.

Instead I set 30, 60, 90 day goals to accomplish that. In 30 days I’m going to have my yearly filing in place and know how to best organize receipts. In 60 days I will meet with my financial advisor and know where I’m at and a plan for following months, and in 90 days I will be actively following my financial plan.

New Year New You

Let’s be real, a new year can signify all sorts of changes, it makes you evaluate how the past year went and what you want to be different. Now that it’s February, have you abandoned your resolutions?

We hope not!

Show your resolutions who’s boss in 2019. 

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